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Stainless steel in a liquid form applied to the surfaces of any color appliance will bring your kitchen into the 21st century in a hurry!

Stove top Before

Because of heat it will be necessary to refrain from using your stove for 24 hours.

Stove Top After

All stainless steel will discolor over time due to heat. Liquid Stainless is no different.

Refrigerator Before

A one hour wait between coats is required and 3 coats or more is necessary to achieve a flawless stainless steel finish.

Refrigerator After

After the liquid stainless steel is applied 1 to 3 top coats are used. 1 for a flat finish, 2 for a semi-gloss and 3 for a high gloss.  

Liquid Stainless Steel

Liquid Stainless Steel is a revolutionary product recently introduced on the market.

Test your refrigerator with a magnet. If it sticks it can be painted with Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel™. If not it is necessary to first prime the surface.